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Eagle (Bunjil)

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“Eagle” is a beautiful sculpture standing 25 metres or about seven storeys high. Inspired by “Bunjil”, the eaglehawk regarded as a spirit creator by the Kulin nations, which include the Wurundjeri people.The enormous scale is what makes it so amazing and one cannot perhaps appreciate its vast size from a distance. You can see it from several different roads that go past the site. It is also symbolic of watching over its people

This imposing Statue is 25-metre high as tall as a seven storey building. The pediment is painted jarrah wood fixed on a steel frame, and the bird itself is cast aluminium which has been painted to resemble polychromed hardwood. The eyes are crafted with glass.


Bruce Armstrong

Bruce Armstrong’s name is synonymous with current sculptural practice in Melbourne. His work adorns public spaces throughout the city. The monumental animal figures which he carves from native red gum and cypress appeal equally to the senses of sight, touch and smell; and engage the spectator in fascinating dialogues about mythology, the spiritual force of nature, and the relationship of public sculpture to architectural design.

Armstrong has a Graduate diploma in Sculpture and a Bachelor of Art in Sculpture from RMIT, Melbourne 


 2002 – commissioned byMelbourne, Docklands Authority

Where can I find it?

Located on a grassy knoll at the intersection of Flinders Street and Wurundjeri Way.

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